About Uttarakhand Culture

Uttarakhand also known as ‘Devbhumi’ which literally means the ‘Land of the Gods’. The state is a home of a number of pilgrimage centers along with the various significant Hindu temples. Uttarakhand is known for its characteristic magnificence of the Himalayas, the Terai and the Bhabhar. This beautiful state is surrounded by high peaks of the Great Himalaya, stunning glaciers and lush green forests. The state is also known as the place of the origin of the two most important and holy river for Hindus: Ganga and Yamuna River, the Yamuna is originated at Yamunotri and the Ganges at Gangotri.

The region is widely rich for its culture and traditions. The highlights of the society of the region ought to be its glorious history, individuals, religion and folk dance and songs. Uttarakhand is a culturally vibrant society that is divided into two major regions: Kumaon and Garhwal region. Various colorful fairs and festivals Dances, songs and expressions are a show for the firm religious obligations of the individuals with the spectacular Himalayas.

Kumaon Region:

One of the major region of Uttarakhand is Kumaon, the region lies in the northern hill state of Uttarakhand. The region offers some of the most spectacular mountain and stunning landscape and snow-capped peaks of the Great Himalaya range in the north. The Kumaon region is a blend of the culture of indigenous population as well as from the immigrants to this region. Kumaon comprise of the districts of Nainital, Almora, Pithoragarh. And Udham Singh Nagar. The wildlife and flora and fauna of this region is very vast. Jim Corbett and Nanda Devi sanctuary are one of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries of the region. We can see the influences of the various cultural groups of Kumaon on their local languages, folk literature, festivals, fairs and forms of artistic expression etc.

Religious influence can be seen at every corner of the region as all the major mountain peak or mountain range along with the lakes are connected with some legend or the name of a God or Goddess such as lord Shaiva or local gods such as Saim, Kail Bisht, Golla, Bholanath etc. The region lies various ancient temples such as as Pancheshwa, Jageshwar, Bageshwar, Binsar, Thalkedar, Rameshwar, Baijnath and Gananath etc. It is home to a famous Indian Army regiment, the Kumaon Regiment. It believed that the word Kumaon is obtained from "Kurmanchal", which means the land of the Kurmavatar. Some renowned towns of this region are such as Nainital, Haldwani, Almora, Pithoragarh, Rudrapur, Kashipur, Pantnagar, Mukteshwar and Ranikhet.

Garhwal Region:-

Garhwal, which is also known as Gadhwal, it is one of the major region and administrative division of Uttarakhand. This beautiful region is surrounded by Tibet in north, on the east by Gadhwal region, Uttar Pradesh on the south, and Himachal Pradesh on its west side. Garhwal region is situated on the lap of the Grate Himalaya. The major districts of Garhwal region are such as Dehradun, Chamoli, Haridwar, Rudraprayag, Tehri, Pauri, and Uttarkashi. Pauri is the administrative centre of Garhwal region. The region surrounded by rugged mountain ranges and separated by stunning narrow valleys and deep gorges. The highest mountains peaks running on the region are Nanda Devi (approx. 25,661 feet) which is the second highest mountain in India, Trisul (About 23,382 feet), Kamet (About 25,413 feet), Badrinath (approx 23,210 feet), Dunagiri (approx 23,181 feet) and Kedarnath (approx. 22,853 feet)

The region is covered by high Himalayan peaks, glaciers and forests which give us the breath-taking views and its pure surroundings of the nature yield the incredible feelings. It is the place of the origin of the two most important and religious river for Hindus that is Ganga river and Yamuna river, the Yamuna is originated at Yamunotri and the Ganges at Gangotri. The Alaknanda River, one of the main sources of the Ganges. Cultivation is mainly confined to the immediate vicinity of the rivers. Farming is the main source of the employment of this region. Garhwal region is also known for two regiments of the Indian army which is known as the 39th Garhwal Rifles.