Best time to visit:- March to June


"Chamba" one of the brightest spots of TehriGarhwal. This beautiful town is situated at the distance of just 60 kms from Mussoorie and 60 kms from Rishikesh. Chamba offers one of the most spectacular views of snowcapped Himalayas,mist covered deep ravine, green valleysand the enchanting Bhagirathi Valley. Being the center point of routes to Mussoorie, Rishikesh, Tehri& New Tehri, Chamba is fast changing into the ideal interlude. This small picturesque hill town is situated in the middle of the Shivaliks, covered with lush green pine and deodar trees. Chamba is popularly known for its temples. In the olden days, the town was a division of Mughal Empire. Later on, it also became a part of Sikh Kingdoms. Eventually the area was occupied by the British and attached as a division of Himachal Pradesh.

Weather Details :

Summer:   26 Degree Celsius
Winter:   04 Degree Celsius
Monsoon:   10 Degree Celsius

Main Attractions: -

Chamunda Devi Temple in Chamba: Is devoted to Goddess Chamunda. This temple is an incarnation of Goddess Durga. There is one more temple at the backside of the Chamunda Devi Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Chamunda temple is located on the top of a hill which provides the majestic view of whole Chamba region. One can also see the beautiful River Ravi and its surroundings including the rural areas as well.

Rang Mahal in Chamba: Is one of the best tourist Destination in Chamba. The Mahal was established by Raja Umed Singh during the 18th century. The ancient site is also famous as the Painted Palace. Currently the Rang Mahal is served as the residence for Royal Women. Tourists love to visit the Rang Mahal as it refreshes the minds and reminds the 18th century as well. People every year make trips to Chamba and come to see this old Mahal.

Chowgan in Chamba: Is the central area for the local traders. This is the point where the Minjar Fair starts from. The place is also very famous for its weeklong fair, celebrated here every year. This weeklong fair is also one of the attractive reasons for the tourists and pilgrims.

Champavati Temple in Chamba: The temple of the deity was constructed by the father of Champavati, as it is believed. The name of the father of the Goddess Champavati was King Sahil Verman. The carvings of the stone attract many people here.

Bhuri Singh Museum in Chamba: The name of the Museum was given after the king. This place is located nearer to the Chaugan town of Chamba. In the very start the museum was began with the paintings donated by Raja Bhuri Singh. It is one of the major attractions of Chamba.

Vajreshwari Temple in Chamba: This shrine is one amongst the most sacred and holy destinations in Chamba. The temple is devoted to Lady God Devi Vajreshwari. The goddess is the Goddess of lightening. The structure and the design of the temple are like Shikhara style. There is nothing historic that can prove the foundation year of the temple. Nevertheless, it is conceived that the shrine is around 1000 years old.


How to Reach Chamba

By Air:- The jolly grant airport is located at a distance of 74 kilo meter from Chamba. The biggest benefit is the New Delhi International airport which is just 280 kilo meters away from Jolly grant airport. People just not across the India but outside as well can easily go to Chamba via New Delhi-Jolly Grant airport to Chamba.

By Road:- Chamba is easily accessible from most of the Uttarakhand cities and many of the northern cities of India as well. General buses, taxis and private transportations are available from ISBT Kashmir Gate to Tehri, Chamba and Rishikesh.

By Train:- Railway lines are well connected to Rishikesh, which is the closest railhead to the town Chamba. By covering a distance of 60 kilo meter people can easily reach the railway station. Rishikesh railway station is frequently joined with many of the Uttarakhand cities and many of the major cities in India as well. The Rishikesh railway station avails the facility of taxi to Chamba.


Shopping in Chamba is about shopping for local crafts. The main market surrounds the central Chaugan where you can buy all sorts of interesting things made of stone and metal - buy some of these as they make good memorabilia. You can also buy miniature paintings of Chamba and Kangra. Also buy popular Chamba chappals as well.