Best time to visit:- March to October & April to June


The holy town of “Haridwar” is a hub of Hindu fairs and festivals. It situated on the banks of the River Ganges, Haridwar is one of those places where Hindu temples and religious sites abound. It is simply dispersed with temples, from one corner to the other. Some of the most visited temples in the town include the Chandi Devi Temple, the Mansa Devi Temple, the Maya Devi Temple, the Daksha Mahadev Temple and the Bharat Mata Mandir among others. The Sapt Rishi ashram at Haridwar is also a must-see place for travelers.The city is located at height of 314 meters from the sea level, between the Ganga River and Shivalik hills. It is paves the way for one of the Char-Dhams located in the North i.e. Badrinath.

Weather Details :

Summer:   41 Degree Celsius
Winter:   01 Degree Celsius
Monsoon:   21 Degree Celsius

Main Attractions: -

Harkipauri in Haridwar: When it comes to seeking spiritual peace, itsHar Ki Pauri where pilgrims, rishis and saints travel to. It's one of those significant sites that support the claim of Uttarakhand being the abode of gods. The two most popular temples for Hindus, HaricharanMandir and Ganga Mandir are located here. Har Ki Pauri is also the place where the world famous Kumbhmela held at Haridwar every 12 year.

Chandi Devi Temple: It's located at a high altitude, a top the Neel Parvat. One of the most sacred in Haridwar, the Chandi Devi temple was built back in the year 1929 by the King of Kashmir Suchat Singh. Rive Gange passes by the temple.

Rajaji National Park in Haridwar: Is an Indian national park & Tiger Reserve that encompasses the Shivaliks, near the foothills of the Himalayas. Apart from giving you an insight into Hinduism, Haridwar also satiates your thirst for wildlife adventure. Covering around 820 sq km, the Rajaji National Park is home to around 23 mammalian and 315 avian species.Three wildlife sanctuaries in the area namely, Chilla, Motichur and Rajaji sanctuaries were merged into one.

PawanDham Temple: The temple is not just religiously sacred, but it also features great aesthetic designs and carvings that tourists really like. In fact, the overall architectural appearance of the temple is window to the rich Indian heritage.

Mansa Devi Temple: It is recognized as the goddess of power. Since it's one of the most frequented religious sites, tourists will need to stand in a queue for getting blessed with a darshan of the goddess.

Sapt Rishi Ashram: One of the most popular tourist sites in Haridwar, the Sapt Rishi Ashram stands on the Haridwar-Rishikesh Road. From Har Ki Pauri, you need to cover a distance of only five kilometers to reach the place.

Bhimgoda Tank: It's a holy tank, situated at a distance of 300 m from the town of npHaridwar. The tank drives its name from Bhim, a legendary character mentioned in the popular Hindu epic Mahabharat. It's beautifully surrounded by fountains.

Daksha Mahadev Temple: Also called the Daksha Temple, it is situated at 4 km from the town of Haridwar. The place where it stands is known as Kankhal. The history of the temple dates back to 1810 AD. Also enjoy scenic walks around Kankhal.

Bharat Mata Mandir: This temple is yet another popular tourist place in Haridwar. The Bharat Mata Temple celebrates the bravery of Indian freedom fighters. It has eight floors or stories. The temple is situated at SaptSarovar, on the height of 180 feet. The temple is also dedicated to all the freedom fighters, who contributed to the freedom of the country.


How to Reach Haridwar

By Air:- Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the nearest airport, It is about 35 Kilometre from Haridwar. Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi is about 225 Kilometre from the town and well connected with all major cities in India as well as internationally.

By Road:- The town is well routed with all major cities of India via National Highway 45. There are regular and frequent buses operates from Haridwar to most of the cities in India.

By Train:- Haridwar is well connected with all major cities of India. There are regular trains operates from all major cities such as Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Indore, Ahmedabad etc.


Haridwar is a pilgrim place, hence it has many shops along its streets selling all essentials that a pilgrim would need. The popular purchases here are artificial jewellery for idol, brass and copper worship utilities, glass bangles, wooden walking sticks and stoneware. You can also by some sweets as there are lots of options for sweets are available here.