Uttarakhand Music and of Dance

Uttarakhand is home to Pahari music that reverberates the scenic landscape of Uttarakhand. It has inspired generations of singers, musicians and dancer since long time. The scenic surrounding of Uttarakhand and calmness that the place offers automatically infuses a tinge of spirituality and gives an invigorating boost to the music and dance of Uttaranchal. Utarakhand has a history of folk shamanic traditions in past, while it moved towards more Brahminical tradition it’s imprints can still be seen through the dances and music it has. The dance and music of Uttarakhand is so unique and mixed with local culture that without experiencing it, a tour of Uttarakhand is incomplete.

Music of Uttarakhand :

The music of Uttrakhand has two distinct flavours: Garhwali and Kumaoni, which respectively belongs to Garwhal and Kumaon. While both of them are different both provide a blend of folklores, local songs and folk songs accompanied with the various musical instruments, enhances the age old music of Uttaranchal. The music of Uttarakhand is such an inseparable part of Uttaranchal culture, this becomes very clear that are specific song for every mood and occasion. Some well-known songs of Uttarakhand are Chounphula, Basanti, Mangal, Jagars. Common musical instruments are Drum, Dhols, Hurka and Thall.

Dance to the Tunes of Uttaranchal Folklores:

The Kumaon and Garhwal regions of Uttaranchal have their own dancing traditions which are devoted to their local gods and goddesses. Most of these dances are performed during festivals and fairs of the locality. The most important dances are Bhotiya dance of the Bhotiya tribe, Barada Nati folk dance, Pandava Nritya, Dhurang, Dhuring, Chhura and Chapeli. One other important dance is Langvir which is performed only by men.